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About Us

The Church of Christ is the panacea for the world. Called out, while left in, to be separated from, for the purposes of witnessing to the world. It is God’s only Ark of Safety from the judgment to come. Through the church, God redefines, restructures, and reconstitutes the life of a man. Only through the fellowship of the church does the transformation of man take place where his mind is renewed and his purpose is restructured, and his eternal hopes are revealed. 

Within the Church of Christ, we are not as an Alcoholic’s Anonymous, a Drug Rehabilitation Clinic, or a Domestic Abuse Center, but we have the cures for all those aliments and more.​

As the Church of Christ, we worship the Christ of Calvary, who conquerors all diseases that man has developed. To those who walk through our doors we seek not to judge, evaluate, or analyze you. We see you as we see ourselves, a Bible believing people, looking to the God of Heaven to forgive our sins, to heal our hurts, to handle our crises, to calm our fears, to remove our doubts, and answer our prayers.​If you are looking for a church which simply practices the teaching of the Bible, then you need to look no further. We hope to see you real soon.

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