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For there stood by me this night the angel of God. Acts 27:23

The squall of the storm, the agitate disorder of the wind, the gloom of the protract darkness, coupled with impending risk of the ship being wrecked, had brought the men of the ship into a depressed situation. But despite the dangers and approaching doom; only one amidst the crew remained perfectly calm, and by his word the rest were encouraged. Look at Paul amidst the chaos and turbulence waters still having sufficient bravery to say to all on board, "Sirs, be of good cheer." 

Why was Paul able to speak as he did?  Because he had a secret friend; an angel on his shoulders who kept his courage up. Because the Lord dispatched a messenger from heaven with words of consolation to whisper in his ear.


When we fear and serve the Lord, we can look for friendly encouragement when our circumstance is at its worst. Storms can't keep angels from drawing near and the darkness can't hinder nor stay their hand.


Because of this you and I should ask ourselves when was the last time we were visited by an angel from heaven.  When was the last time our door was open before we extended our hand?  When was the last time we recovered our balance before our fall?  When was the last time we were visited by an angel from heaven?

Friends may drop us when we are under pressure, but our intercourse with the inhabitants of the angelic world will last much longer then so-called friends. Their words of strength, brought to us from the throne of God, by the way of Jacob's ladder, shall be all we need to survive the night and ride out the storm.


Although the past 30 years have been exciting and exhilarating, thrilling, and stimulating, there has also been months, days and hours of distress. And there were times when my plight was somewhat like Paul's against a tempestuous wind, my ship was so tossed that my undergirding was about to give way; and it appeared that my anchor would no longer hold. 


And there were months that I felt that I had gone with neither sun nor stars; but now, as I look around and recall the prayers and encouragement from the members of Central, I too claim ownership to the words of the Apostle Paul,; "For there stood by me this night the angel of God."

By God's Grace,


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