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“Jesus Christ, Our Hope in Times of Grief” John 11:1-6

When we were young, things that were said were very seldom heard, understood, or appreciated. When we were younger, we heard terms and cliques from our parents and grandparents that, then, seemed strange, mysterious, and even a little ridiculous, but now that we are older, they make much sense.


It is hard to describe and understand a Sunset when all you have seen is a Sunrise. In days gone by we use to hear our grandparents and mothers say, “Life is such an uneven journey.”


We did not understand that clique while we were young, but the Lord knows that we understand it now. Life is an uneven journey.


Life has it’s . . .

Crooks and Bends


Life has it’s . . .

Ups and Downs

Ins and Outs


Life has it’s . . .

Mountain Highs and Valley Lows

Hallelujahs and Lord have Mercies


Life has it’s . . .

It’s Gloom and It’s Gladness

Life is an uneven journey


And that is why at the time of grief our heart cry out for someone bigger than us while we are on this tedious journey. And since the family is crying with grief this morning, I would like to recommend Jesus Christ as your Hope in time of Grief.

But let me point out a few things about sorrow and suffering.


1)      I believe that all sickness and suffering is primarily due to sin and evil in this world.

2)      I believe that God wills that His children should be healthy in the best and the realest sense of that word.

3)      I believe that God is still on His throne and sits high and looks low, and there is no illness that He cannot cure. There is no sickness that He cannot heal!!!

4)      I believe that while He can heal, it is not always His will to heal.

5)      I believe, that the trouble that befalls any of His children should be seen as an opportunity for His Glory and His Honor.

6)      I believe, that when God permits suffering it is to do of three things.

1)      Prove us!!!

2)      Discipline us!!!

3)      And to make us a Channel of Blessings to somebody else.


So bare in your mind, that trouble comes and grief grips even the friends of Jesus.

God Bless!


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