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Just in Time- May the God you serve all the time save you! Daniel 6:16

Look at Jonah in the fish belly—surrounded by gastric juices and sucked-in seaweed.… He prays.… Before he can say amen, the belly convulses, the fish belches, and Jonah lands face first on the beach.



Look at Daniel in the lions’ den; his prospects aren’t much better than Jonah’s. Jonah had been swallowed, and Daniel is about to be.…

 Or look at Joseph in the pit, a chalky hole in a hot desert. The lid has been pulled over the top and the wool has been pulled over his eyes.…


 Like Jonah and Daniel, Joseph is trapped. He is out of options. There is no exit. There is no hope.… Though the road to the palace takes a detour through a prison, it eventually ends up at the throne.…


Such are the stories in the Bible. One near-death experience after another. Just when the neck is on the chopping block, just when the noose is around the neck, Calvary comes.

He Still Moves Stones

Guest Editor

Max Lucado

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