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A Tender Plant....

He grew up before Him like a young plant and like a root out of dry ground — Isaiah 53:2

Isaiah describes the coming of Jesus as a “tender plant” growing through parched ground. Parched ground is hard to walk on, it’s hard to penetrate, and it’s hard to break through.  Parched ground offers little hope for survival; it is dry and too hardened to allow most plants to penetrate its crust. Yet Jesus was prophesied as a tender plant that would break through the hostile soil and overcome the dry and lifeless environment in order to bring life.

When Jesus was born, His people were not interested in God’s Word. They cared nothing about the messenger or the message of God.  Their hearts were hardened to God's Word. They were so hostile to the truth that when God's Son came to them, they killed Him.  But to all those who believed, this tender plant broke through their parched ground and gave them life.


The same is true today. Jesus is capable of bringing life to any person, society, or culture no matter how hardened or hostile they have become to the gospel.  Even the most calloused sinner will discover that Jesus knows how to penetrate the heart and bring life where there was only bitterness. The work of Jesus in a person's life may seem fragile at first, but like the mustard seed, it will eventually grow into something strong.

I encourage you to keep coming to church and stay in bible class.  And don’t become discourage if your situation has not improved.  Just as a tender plant finds a way to grow in a hard and unreceptive environment, so the love of Jesus has the ability to emerge in a life that seems completely unresponsive. 

And in due time it will blossom!

God Bless!


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