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Being Fed With The Bread Of Heaven (Ex. 16:4-18)

Always Focus On God's Promise!

In our pilgrim journey through life, we must remember that we as Christians are to live on the promises of God and not the explanations. When we hurt, we often ask God "Why?” but that’s not the best question a Christian should ask. That could very well be the wrong approach to take.

We must always be careful not to assume a superior posture and giving the impression that we're in charge and God is accountable to us. God is sovereign and doesn't have to explain anything to us.  When we ask God "Why?” we may assume that if God did explain His plans and purposes to us, we'd understand everything perfectly and feel better. But we must never forget; Explanations don't heal broken hearts, but promises do, because promises depend on faith, and faith puts us in contact with the grace of God.

Always Focus On God’s Glory!

The important thing was that Israel focus on the glory of God and not on their own appetites. If they walked by faith, they would glorify the Lord and bring honor to His name. When we read the Book of Job, we see Job frustrated with God and repeatedly saying, "I'd like to meet God and ask Him a few things!" But when God finally comes to Job, Job is so overwhelmed with God’s glory that he doesn't ask God anything! (Job 40:1-5.)  Can we begin to understand the ways and plans of God when His ways are far above our and His wisdom so unsearchable? (Isa. 55:8-9; Rom. 11:33-36)

It isn't important that we're comfortable in life, but it is important that God is glorified.

By God’s Grace

Dr. Thompson

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